Suite 100


The Only Cure For Gravity - CD

Building and improving on their debut album, "In the Night Kitchen", Suite 100 offers up an adventurous sophomore release that is both ambitious and endearing. Each track on the album is preceded or followed by an instrumental segue designed to present it to the listener's ear while tying it to the neighboring song.

"When we were playing live, I'd get tired of the gaps between songs and just felt we needed to be more seamless", states singer Matt Mincey. "Many of these little pieces of music were designed to keep the flow of a live show going. When we were finishing initial recording of this album, we decided to record them as well just for posterity. They ended up being so good that we elected to write new ones so that every song on the album had a connector to and from its neighbors. It became an ambitious undertaking and caused the album to take much longer than we initially anticipated. What I didn't expect was how well the album would flow, and how it just begs to be listened to from start to finish. there are some real musical treats in there for the listener."

"The Only Cure For Gravity" is available now!