Suite 100


Suite 100

Hailing from north San Diego and southwest Riverside Counties, SUITE 100 is a mix of sing-a-long melodies, lush arrangements, thoughtful lyrics and pure pop sensibilities. Core members Matt Mincey (vocals, bass) and Jeff Partridge reunited from their previous effort, the startup band Babelfish, and joined San Diego and LA scene regular Steven Strong (drums) in 2003 to begin work on a collection of musical ideas. In 2005 the labor of love was completed, the self-produced debut, IN THE NIGHT KITCHEN.

Ambitious yet inviting, the album is rich with harmony and potent, telling lyrics. Much like the Smiths had done before, the music has been finely crafted, with interwoven guitars (new Webster's entry: Guitarchitecture) over mindfully constructed and often playful rhythms. Partridge's music theory background is clearly evident in his smoldering, robust and swooning solos that are as sweet as any lyric. It's not often enough that music and words can hit you so viscerally.

IN THE NIGHT KITCHEN is a smart initial offering that puts a new face on the pop-alternative map with melody rich songs like "Salvation Amy" and "Serenity" that you'll be humming before they're even over. Showing their breadth on pieces like the tender "Closer" and vast anthemic landscape of "Sleepwalking Wounded", SUITE 100 covers a lot of ground without missing a step.

Now, experience their long-awaited sophomore effort, THE ONLY CURE FOR GRAVITY (2014). Exploring intricate, lavish and sometimes haunting territories, this follow-up album harkens back to the days when you would throw on headphones and listen to an album in its entirety. Seamlessly crafted, each song is led into the next with a vignette that enhances or foreshadows the ensuing track. Many of these were designed and performed live to create an unbroken musical experience. Opening with the driving, heart-sick “This Fever” the momentum is set in motion and carries on to the catchy initial single “Dusk:Dawn”. Tribal and visceral, “Family Tree” attempts to define perception across the lifespan, while upbeat rockers like “Perfect Disaster” and “Carved in Stone” are tempered by the haunting melodies of “My Tell-Tale Heart” and “Widowmaker”.

SUITE 100 backs up their songwriting with an energetic and engaging live act that dismisses the notion that sophisticated harmonies and ornate arrangements are lost on all but the critics and musical elite. A true original with a warm regard for its musical heroes, SUITE 100 fashions music that can't be overlooked. Demand more from your music. Step in to SUITE 100.