Suite 100


Welcome to the SUITE100 official site. It's been quite some time since we had a legitimate site up on the web. I'm hoping that we can keep this updated regularly to offer details on our progress as well as some fun exclusives that you can enjoy.

As of November, we are at the tail end of a very long and arduous recording process. Our follow-up to the debut "In the Night Kitchen" has been constantly derailed but it is nearly here. We think you will find it our best material yet and hope to showcase it throughout the coming year. Please check our calendar page for upcoming tour dates.


One unforeseen advantage to how long this process has taken is that we have almost an entire album worth of songs developed for our third album already. We've made a commitment to you and ourselves not to take so long in getting it out to the masses. Again, check back here for update.


Thanks for joining us here. Also, please 'like' us on Facebook and feel free to leave comments when you get a chance to listen to our newest material. We should be releasing a few singles online prior to the official release.